Aleen Mean

Do Better

I’m really interested in the Light L16 camera, though it’s not something I’ll conceivably have the money to purchase for years to come. I was clicking through their website today and noticed their about page has zero women. Not a single executive, advisor, or investor is female; I’m incensed. Women are not unicorns, much as many of us might wish it.

I briefly considered not buying tech unless the company had some women in the upper echelons, but then I realized that I’d be waiting a long time to make any purchases.

I work in the tech industry. I love being here. As a whole, however, we need to do better. Women and people of color are not going to fall out of the sky into your corporate HQ lobby. Don’t just talk about believing diversity is important, look for women and people of color to hire and work on making sure they’re included.